And so it begins…Bye Bye Journal

Following the advice of a few brothers in arms, I’ve opted to start a blog. It’s a little daunting if I’m honest, being a guy who used to keeping a journal and not really openly a sharer of thoughts, so this will be an experience if anything. I’ve always found it difficult to articulate my thoughts through speaking, mainly due to the fact that the words hardly ever come out right, so I figured this would be an effective outlet for my inner thoughts, as well as an update on day to day events.  The fact that anyone will be able to read this is actually more exciting than it is frightening, as I can finally share how I think and feel with all of you 🙂   I would love to dive into all of that now, but this literature essay about war forcing us to confront uncomfortable truths is not asexual, and therefore cannot do itself 😛  So until tommorow

Tris Out


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