Another One Rides The Bus

Who’d of thought that the highlight of the day would’ve been endless rounds of Pictionary…yes.. pictionary *pause for effect :P*. Some of the answers that people came out with were tear jerking, not to mention Seb’s constant guess of “It’s a penis!” for objects/actions such as “Keyhole Surgery” and “Bear with a sore head.” Seeing cards like that got me wondering….who comes up with these cards and what are they on? :S seriously, who puts “Keyhole surgery” into a game of pictionary…let alone adjectives like “slender” or “cheap”….HOW IN THE BLUE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DRAW THEM?!….imbaciles the lot of them. Well I suppose it’s better than Faisal’s  “Communist Pig”, “Ethnic Minority Child” and of course “Ryan Seacrest”.

Aside from our Pictionary on acid, school was pretty uneventful, again spent most of the day in free. God I love having unpredictable lesson timetables 🙂 haha.  The essays keep on coming, with History one’s starting to pile up as well, so needless to say, we’re all going to be buried up to our foreheads in paper. Spoke to Zeina about song pardoy’s and rewriting lyrics, based off the success of the J-Lynsky video, and came across Werid Al covers such as the legendary “Another One Rides the Bus.” This again lead to a question, this time asking if anyone had ever ridden a bus in Kuwait. Basically, you can get on and off for free, and they stop literally everywhere, no planned route or anything….needless to say, I’ll never do that again:P

The frigging rock show date has been changed again, this time to the 4th of May. If any fellow rockers are reading this, you’ll know that this sucks extremely, as not only do I not get to perform “Killing in the Name Of” or “Doctor Alibi” ,two epicly high impact songs, guarenteed to break some ear drums….or draw you to tears based on the crapness (is that a word?) of my singing, but also that Taxi don’t get to perform either 😦 A shame really, because out of all the bands, Taxi were probably the most together as a band, as well as the most talented, a real prodigious group of young musicians. Hagop, Hariz, Hani, Alice and Noor? what more could you want in a band? 🙂 Was also looking forward to singing “Bring Me to Life” with them, though we’ve got some musical stuff arranged…well…kinda… for the summer, so at least there’s still a chance of collaborating.  It’s just a bit of a downer because there really is no greater feeling than playing a live stage show, and especially being able to share the experience with an awesome group of performers .The energy that you get from the crowd really does knock you back, and automatically raises the game of the musicians, as well as your connection on stage with your band mates. An entire crowd singing the words to songs along with you..nothing greater, and you can take that to the bank my friends 🙂

While I’m on the subject of Taxi, Noor is an epic singer/songwriter and don’t let her tell you otherwise 😛 that is all

Rehearsal today was pretty relaxed if I’m honest. We had one final read through, just to make sure that everyone was on  the right track, which somehow resulted in The Lion King being turned gospel, ending up with Simba screaming out “Praise be to Rafiki” every other line 😛 Went over Be Prepared and Circle of Life for the first time in a week, and honestly, those songs send chills down my spine every time we do them. Having been a fan of “Be Prepared” for a while now, I’m super psyched about finally being old enough to sing it :).But don’t take my word for it, come watch for yourselves, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Well, I guess that’s the day in a  nutshell. As Omer called me, “King Tristan- The Babbler” has indeed babbled today, I promise that future blogs won’t seem like stream of consciousness 😛 On a final note, to make Noor laugh if she reads this, vagina 😛

Till next time

Tris Out


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