A Million Miles Away


Firstly, a question for you, is it progression if Cannibals use forks? you be the judge –

 School was pretty quiet today, and uneventful as usual. Spent a majority of the morning finishing up a source essay on the outbreak of the First World War. As big of a pain as it was,  I think it was this essay that gave me a bit more confidence with the handling of the sources. Of course, none of you want to read about that. You all want to hear about who I got pregnant, and what we’re going to do with our lives. Whether we’re moving to Alabama and raise a child with 2000 fingers? well, sorry to disappoint you, but that’s all a figment of your imagination, keep it there 😛 

Watched “My Boy Jack” in Lit today. Probably the saddest war film I’ve seen in a while. Rudyard Kipling’s anguish at encouraging his son to go to war, only for his son to end up dead, was extremely touching, and the film itself was very well cast 🙂 Jack Haig, Daniel Radcliffe, Kim Catrall ❤ what could be better? …..besides Jeff Bridges and Johnny Depp, though they’re gods so isallgood.

Noor and I have been swamped with this directorial intent shizz for drama. Honestly, who’s the sadistic arsewipe that came up with a written paper for drama? How pointless is that? Saying “Oh, just to be a hindrance, we’re going to plan a written paper for a subject that’s based not only based on practical exploration, but also on spontaneity and living in the moment.” In the great words of Billy Connolly “FUCKIN’ IDIOTS!”

The rock show’s still in a bit of a void, though we’re all hoping it goes ahead. Hopefully it will, god knows that no one wants to refund over 250 tickets.

Oh, while I’m on the subject of school, Samrad, it’s happened to me too 😦 Some people in the sixth form are seriously disgusting, you’d think they’d have wondered “Hmmm, what is this silver thing on the toilet for?”, it’s called a flush button nimrods, it’s not decorative or something, so USE IT!!!

In terms of music, I’ve been going though quite a wide range of musical addictions lately. On one hand you have the standard heavy metal, Children of Bodom, Coat of Arms etc This is accompanied by Nervecell, probably the most successful  Middle- Eastern metal band, having just released their second full length album, “Psychogenocide”, along with newer Arch Enemy and Amaranthe. Then on the other hand there’s an unexplainable addiction to Tinie Tempah and Lupe Fiasco (cheers Samrad). Like I’ve literally been walking around going “oh, written in the stars, a million miles away” and then I forget the rest 😛 It’s weird, when I tell people that I listen to rap music, they all seem quite surprised, probably because I look the spawn of satan 😛 But my general philosophy with music is, if I like it, I’ll listen to it, and it’s that simple. In the end, you end up with a broader taste in music, and more inspiration, so it’s a “win/win” (ie: Charlie Sheen) situation really. There’s so much more new music still to come this year XD in terms of metal anyway. In Flames, Black Tide, Arch Enemy and Trivium still to release, can’t wait 🙂 

Rehearsal today was quite laid back. Ran the last bit of Act II in the Theatre (finally), so we have a secure idea of the spacing, as well as what’s going where. We then progressed to spend the next hour and a half on “Circle of Life” which meant that yours truly was basically sat down for ages doing nothing….and by nothing I mean playing Sonic on Yousem’s iPhone….and by sitting I mean crouched in a corner 😛 But on a serious note, the opening is looking really good, the animals are all in sync and it’s phenomenal, really. Such a massive wall of sound XD Having the set also meant that we were able to run “Be Prepared” with the proper levels, and I’ve honestly never felt more powerful in my life. Just standing over the audience, on a high rise platform,attempting to strike fear into them, just really gets you going, y’know.

Anywho, I must sleep. This’ll probably end up being posted at some point tomorrow because my internet’s being a pain at the moment. ‘Till next time

Tris Out


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