Meh Easter Sunday

Konichiwa everbaady!! 🙂

it’s been a pretty quiet weekend, and quite a meh Easter Sunday, but does that mean that I have nothing to write about…….. not a chance 🙂 If there’s one thing that I know how to do (which is highly probable) it’s make a mountain out of a molehill, ie: babble my backside off, so free your mind and enjoy 🙂

The weekend was mostly spent at Plaza, rehearsal free surprisingly :O  However it was not without it’s revelations. We all realised, that we just go to Plaza way too bloody much. I mean it’s not like there’s many other places to go, well, ones that are as affordable. This was probably indicated  by the fact that Surya asked if “I was trying to make us all broke” by opting a switch to Movenpick…..a very good point. Note : We’re all cheap buggers. Though next weekend shall change this, I speak of course, of the midnight showing of Thor 😀 Yousem, Surya and I being the huge comic book fans that we are have been waiting for this since last year. Kenneth Branaugh has indeed done Thor justice from the looks of the trailers. Needless to say, we are super stoked 😀 FOR ODIN! FOR ASGAARD!

School seems to be becoming more and more like a routine thing everytime we walk in.  Like we’ve all been in this rut for the past couple of months now. Guess the exam pressure is finally starting to set in….god I hate exams. But our future’s depend on these ones so I guess it’s all relative. Samrad’s back from his Boston escapade, and seems to have brightened everyone’s morale with him. Just want to point out, Samrad got into Harvard, Yale AND Stanford, genius much? I think so.

Met up with Adam and Monish today. Haven’t seen Monish in over a year, so it was good to catch up, and get the low down on the new Voice of the Soul EP XD Adam and I also managed to get  a better idea of how we’d go about recording the first Kill the King EP once we got to England.  After listening to a few riffs that he’s come up with, I’m as psyched as ever! Adam is seriously a musical genius,  and once our EP is out, you’ll see what I mean. Adam made a really good point in reference to my previous entry (many moons ago), after I’d told him all about the “I grew up” comment, he replied with “Dude, you can’t grow out of music, if you really love metal, then it’s with you for life”, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Rehearsal today was a little shocking. Even thought he schedule said “FULL CAST” in bold, only Hamad, Jake, Khalid, Breanna, the young Simbas and I showed up :/ This to the say the least was just a little bit agitating, mainly because the show is in two weeks. A few cast members are becoming complacent, and as a result, arrogant.  Now those who know me, know very well that I can’t stand arrogance,  as to me, it’s a feigned version of confidence. Certain people don’t gain recognition for their work, and therefore boost their own ego to make themselves feel superior to a group. Some people just don’t realise, performing isn’t about the recognition, if it was, there’d be alot of upset actors out there 😛 It’s about getting up on that stage, or screen, or mountain, or Polnynesian Island or whatever and doing what you love. If that’s not enough for you, then you shouldn’t be performing in the first place. There really isn’t a better spot on earth, than under those bright (harsh white) lights (Noor :P)

Well, I must be off for I’m aboot to collapse, I know this blog was a little meh, but they’ll get a little better 🙂

Tris Out


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