raise your hands for wonderman

How goes it fellow dudes, duddettes and self aware robots…oh, and all your predators too.

Today was actually quite thought provoking, so hopefully this entry contains a decent balance of philosophical/thought enticing bullshlakha and a good outline of the day:) So trade cement for sand, and raise your hands for wonderman 🙂

The main highlight of today was ofc the double birthday in the sixth form. Daniel and Faisal are finally legal, and needless to say, they’re both pretty stoked. Endless rounds of happy birthday, and some quite adventurous hugs were had by all 😀 haha Otherwise the day was pretty quiet. Went through some presentation in Careers about what to expect at uni. Ms. Eckersall did mention that priority housing would go to the international students, at which point Aadil and I both laughed at Daniel, though with the three of us at UCL, London won’t know what hit it 🙂 Dane and Andrew were around in free, ’twas good indeed to see them again, though it doesn’t help poor sods like me that they both get buffer and taller respectively everytime they come back 😛 Although Dane was able to help me provide some justification for liking Sons of Anarchy, seeing as everyone else is addicted to Fringe -.-  I’m sorry, but any show where the guy’s face melts off in the first episode, and humans have a chance of spontaneous explosion when in close contact with another human, is pretty unrealistic, and just a tad disgusting. I’ll stick to Sons and House thank you very much 🙂

Oh, one final school thing, the rock show is cancelled 😦 shame really ’cause a bunch of great bands were lined up, as mentioned in one of my previous entries. Thinking of all the prep work, the PR, getting the equipment, booking the hall etc, it all just seems like a bit of a waste. However all is not lost as Aadil and I now have a well established rapport to work with in London, and Hagop and Noor seem to be all for a collab over the summer, so we can look forward to that. Speaking of Hagop and Noor, their band came second in the music competition today 😀 Meaning they’re getting the song recorded for this CD thing….a little fuzzy on the details if I’m honest. All I can say, is that it’s about bloody time, their songs need to be heard by a wider audience, and hopefully this’ll springboard it, well done to all of you!

While I’m on the subject of recording, I figured I take a little time to reminisce about our times at Sarj’s Studio here in Kuwait. The numerous trips with Voice of the Soul, including such moments as “Look everybody it’s Harry Potter” and “Get of the fucking floor man.” As well as of course Kill the King’s “Regicide” recording session, during which, yours truly had food poisoning, and still managed to record vocals, not a bad job I think 😛 Once Kareem’s back in Kuwait, Voice of the Soul enter the studio to record a six track EP, and I”m honestly too psyched to contain it XD VotS are always a great band to be around, and they’ve all be so supportive of KTK. In fact, Rana, their drummer, is probably going to end up at UCL as well, so hurraayyy XD I shall not be the lone rocker.

Rehearsal today was better than the past couple. Ran Act I, so I didn’t do much, just a few scenes and of course Be Prepared (still the best song in the show :P) Otherwise endless rounds of “Circle of Life’, “Hakuna Matata” and “Shadowlands” which once again meant that yours truly was sat offstage writing essays and reading Literature research pages, so all was not lost. However once my essay was done, and I still had time to kill, I decided to revise the lyrics to two songs that I’d come up with over the past few months. Maybe one day I’ll post them up here, but for now I’ll tell you the topics. One’s based around my experience playing Sweeney Todd. On the outside I appeared fine, but on the inside, it felt like an inner conflict like a constant war between my consciousness and the character’s, sometimes it was hard to tell which was which. The other is based on a post apocalyptic dream that I had a while back, just figured it would make a good song :P.

Well I guess that’s it from me for today, hopefully this will provide you with the next clues on your journey to success, or is simply a way of getting out of studying. Oh, and just to piss everyone off, THE GAME!

Ta-ta for now

Tris Out


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