Whosoever Wields This Hammer, If He Be Worthy, Shall Possess the Power of Thor

Have at thee!

As you can tell, I’m on a bit of a Thor high right now. This may have something to do with the we watched it on Thursday after rehearsal, and  that it was probably the best Marvel film to be released so far. It’s closer to the comic than any of the recent films released, and the casting was perfect, Chris Hemsworth exceeded expectations as Thor, Tom Hiddleston was the perfect Loki, Nathalie Portman as Jane Foster and Sir Anthony (God) Hopkins as Odin, epic no? 😀 …unlike certain Marvel films, now we’re not going to go pointing fingers *cough* Fantastic Four *cough* X-Men III *cough*. Doesn’t it agitate you though? I mean I don’t want to see a complete remake of the comic (that would just be boring) but they could at least try to get things remotely right, like since when was The Juggernaut British? and cockney for that matter? and when in sweet zombie Jesus’ name did Spider-Man go emo? :S sort it out Marvel! The fact that you were bought by Disney is no excuse for inaccuracy. Not to completely diss Marvel or anything, they’ve had good films too, both Iron Man films, The Blade Series, and the second Incredible Hulk were all spot on. Just depends on getting the right writer, and the people that know their stuff about the comics together. So psyched for Captain America and ofc The Avengers!  Going to have to wait until 2012 for that last one though :/

All of us leavers had our final school band rehearsal on Thursday, which was very very depressing. Alot of us have been with the band since year 6, and feels like we’re leaving a part of ourselves behind (you’re all thinking, wow, way to overdramatise Tris), but really, band wasn’t just a hobby to alot of us, it was that time in the week, where we’d all get together, play music, and be able to forget about the stresses of the school day. Needless to say, I’ll miss it 😦 But we still have Prize Giving and Graduation so isallgood. Speaking of which, really stoked to hear Samrad and Noor’s speeches on Monday. Having heard every head boy/girl speech since year 7, it’s a tad more personal when you properly know the people the people giving the speeches 🙂 Break a leg you two !

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. Joe swam for a triathlon, and probably took quite a few kicks to the face, so kudos to Joe for taking the challenge 🙂 Most of Thursday was spent simply freeing around, Noor and I finished our directorial intent for drama, so now we only have our coursework to finish, but….I really just can’t be buggered to do the last question. I know it’s just one more question, but drama was the furthest thing from my mind for a lot of the year, due to the numerous sheets of Lit and History coursework that I had to hand in, so now it’s all coming back to hit me…karma’s a bitch that way.

Hit Paradise for a bit of a change this weekend, Surya didn’t join us though, because of …wait for it….drama coursework! I actually thank god that my teachers have their heads on straight, ’cause as I only have one question left, Surya has all 6….ah well…may the force be with him.

I know I promised I’d post some lyrics up, but I ran into a slight snag on the plan……..forgot that I’d left my lyric book at Augie’s. Once I have it back, I’ll be sure to the post them up here, and you can all troll me with “These lyrics are fake and gay” to your heart’s content 🙂

Well. That’s it for now, I must join my family for a hearty feast, and then to rehearsal…tech….woooo 😛  Ya’ll take care now 🙂

Tris Out


3 thoughts on “Whosoever Wields This Hammer, If He Be Worthy, Shall Possess the Power of Thor

  1. Hi Tristan,

    Just wanted to to drop by and say that I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂

    I’ve lost touch with practically everyone at KES, and it’s nice to get an insight into what is going on there (wow, I sound like a creeper).

    But anyways..

    Congrats on UCL! One of my best friends got a conditional for Mathematics with Economics, and he is looking to go there.

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