Insensitive or Realist?

Two posts in one day? aren’t you lucky ūüôā

This one’s influenced by the fact that I’ve been called insensitive for my view on Osama Bin Laden’s death, and the celebration that followed. This has sparked much controversy between those that share my opinion, and those who think that people like me are “spitting on the faces” of the 9/11 victims. Hopefully, this blog will highlight the other side of the coin for those ¬†that simply want to escape the harsh reality of the insignificance of OBL’s death.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy”¬† – Martin Luther King Jr.

This argument started with a facebook status (like most modern day problems ūüėõ ) This status read “Bin Laden’s dead….So What?” which immediately sparked the retorts of “he killed thousands” and “he was responsible for the death of all the 9/11 victims” and “the people in Washington have every right to celebrate the way they did.” I just want to point out, that I never denied that they didn’t have the right to celebrate, but the manner in which they carried out was extremely indicative of their own selfishness and insensitivity. Just to point out, barely any of the people celebrating were relatives or friends of 9/11 victims. They were simply people that were only proving their ignorance of the reality of the situation. In fact, having watched the news, most people that knew 9/11 victims found the celebrations insensitive, but more on that later . Don’t get me wrong, OBL was ¬†a nutcase and a mass murderer, and thank god that he’s gone, but is celebrating his death really a celebration of justice? I think not. ¬†In fact, the celebration itself only acknowledges the¬†unnecessary¬†importance of Bin Laden, and only elevates his status, by showing that his death is worth celebrating over. They should be mourning quietly over the deaths of the 9/11 victims, not celebrating blindly over the death of the instigator. This is due to the fact that it brings back all of the hurtful and painful memories of 9/11 which nobody wants to remember. I didn’t see many Kuwaiti’s running through the streets when Sadaam was executed. Also, just to be a little picky, George W is as much to blame for all the deaths of American soldiers as OBL, give that some thought.

“War doesn’t negate decency, it demands it” – Khaled Hosseini – The Kite Runner

My second point is that Bin Laden’s death doesn’t end anything. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still going on if you all hadn’t noticed, and there’s no signs of them stopping. This only proves that Bin Laden was nothing more than an insignificant puppet, and a symbolic figure. His ideology still lives on in the minds of his troops and Zawahiri, they’re the ones to be worried about. But y’know it’s all good, because we can all just forget about reality and take comfort in the fact that “the world’s a wanker short” – Billy Connolly. Forgetting about all of the wars still occuring, forgetting about all of the looming threats over the borders, about the innocent Afghan and Iraqi civillians, as well as foreign troops losing their lives right now¬†, that’s just as insensitive as saying that Bin Laden’s death was insignificant and should therefore be treated as such. The point that I’m trying to make is that no matter who has been killed, or what feeling it brings, there is no cause to celebrate death, and that by celebrating it, you are only increasing your ignorance and insensitivity to the real problems lurking beyond our borders. Al-Queda will retaliate, and the US isn’t exactly in the best position right now, being hated by half of the Middle East (not a fan of some of those leaders I have to admit, all Zengas aside). But we can forget about that right? because one man is dead? A man who”s done pretty much nothing for the past 8 years.

Sorry if this blog also seemed “insensitive”, but if looking at things from a different angle is a crime, then you can lock me up and throw away the keys, as long as I get my one phone call. Whenever I have made my point, or given my opinion on the matter, more than I expected agreed. But the majority still¬†¬†tell me to “forget the harsh reality”and “just be happy that he’s gone”. Sorry, but living where we do, where at any time, our region could erupt into the horrors and devastation of war, it’s not so easy for us to “forget the reality”, unfortunately we don’t have that luxury. Would you ask those who knew 9/11 victims to forget that the incident occured? to forget 9/11’s harsh reality and the pain it caused? Would you ask them to be happy that OBL is gone, knowing full well that it won’t bring their loved ones back?

On that note, I shall bid you all goodnight, as I am slipping from consciousness. Please give this argument thought, and remember that there are two sides to everything, coins, papers, frying pans, everything. I’m fully aware that not everyone is going to have the same opinion, and I’m ok with that. I just get annoyed when people oppose mine, and point fingers at me for not agreeing with them. You could argue that I’m doing the same, but I guess this is a viscious circle then isn’t it?

till next time

Tris Out


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