A Shiny New Era is Tip-Toeing Nearer

Righteous fellow dudes and dudettes!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, though this is due kinda sorta (seriously, those are words)  to the fact that I’ve been rehearsing everyday until past 9pm 😛  But things are easing up a bit now, and after tonight I’ve been influenced to write again 🙂

We’ve done our first 4 performances of Lion King, and I know this sounds arrogant, but they just keep getting better. With each show, my energy keeps intensifying and growing, until I’m on the brink of exploding……or that could just be the questionable sandwiches that Hassan brought us 😛 But all joking aside, the show has really come together, costumes, lights, make up, and ofc the acting, leave me with a state of elation at the end of each performance 🙂 Make-Up removal also leaves me looking like a junkie, but Nat seemed to like it, so isallgood 🙂 (yes Nat you got a mention, for the record, yes you are cute.)

But something was special about tonight’s performance. Tonight was the first show where I had friends in the audience, and trust me having them all made all the difference 🙂 Usually, having people that I knew present would make me nervous beyond belief, but tonight, it just made me want to do more, to show all of them that their what their support and friendship meant to me. I just want to take this moment to give a huge thank you to all of you, all people that I’m proud to call my friends, whether you be a KES student, a BAIA member, or someone I met down the pub, you all inspire me far more than you imagine, and drive me to do the best I can for you all 🙂 Thank you….so much. Noor, Waffles, Ahmed and Marina, thank you all for coming out tonight, and to those who’re coming to the other shows, I’ll try my best, for all of you 🙂 While I’m on the subject of friendships, I thought that I’d take some time to mention people who’d inspired me over this past week :

Noor: If you want inspiration, then look no further. As a fellow performer, Noor understands most hardships that we undertake         Whenever I’ve felt down and out, or felt like giving up, Noor’s been there to remind me of why I perform, and why I  loved it in the first place. The best part about this ofc is that it’s mutual (I hope) and that fact that I’ve known Noor since we were 4 makes this even better. Noor also maintains even more common  ground as a fellow lyricist, though she’d never admit it, any words that this girl puts down on paper, come from the heart, and  really have the ability to hit you emotionally. Going  beyond simply the words, and forcing you as listeners to fully  contemplate the meaning behind her lyrics. So if she ever tells  you that she “can’t write” don’t believe her for a second 🙂 Thank you

The BAIA Guys: If I did a paragraph for all of you, I’d be here until next Ramadan. Being around all of these guys for a majority  of my day, they always serve as an inspiration to me. Surya as the man that I hope to one day stand on equal ground to, though I know that I probably never will. As the best male singer that I know, and a fully dedicated and focused actor, Surya always knows what he wants, and will go to the most extreme lengths to get it, simply to put on the best show. Yousem as an extremely talented artist, keeps himself to himself, but once you know the Yousem on the inside, you never forget it 😉 Yousem  constantly inspires me with humility and his sense of justice 🙂 Augie and Hamad for taking me under their wings, and teaching me the ways of the acting world from a very young age. When I turned 18, it really did hit home, when both Augie and  Hamad said “Our boy is all grown up:)” thank you both, for driving me to do better…and also driving us to Burger King for lunch 😛    Thank you my brothers 🙂

Omer: This man’s name literally spells inspiration….well not literally but you get what I mean. I’ve known this bugger since we were like 3, and he’s never not seemed cool to me. Having not only told me that my blog is “Good High Reading” but is also “like his, but from someone who hasn’t smoked too much weed.” Reading that, was truly an honour for me. Those of you who’ve read Omer’s blog will know that he is one of the best writers on this planet. A real talent for enlightenment, as well as understanding, diving deep into topics that many people feared as insignificant. An uncanny yet amazing ability from one of the strongest and humble people that I have ever known 🙂 thank you man

Well I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I have to be up early tommorow 🙂 I shall write again soon, I promise. Until then, I leave you with something to laugh at 🙂

Scar in action
The Dreadlocked Gadaffi….Oh wait, it’s Scar

Until next time

Tris Out


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