The Curtain Falls

Salaam (if anyone has alternative greetings, please send me them, I’m running out of ideas here :P) Haven’t written in about a week, my longest gap yet. This has nothing to do with the rehearsals, or the 7 shows, or the fact that I was trapped in the dungeon…I mean, drama studio doing A2 coursework for two nights running….or was it? πŸ˜› haha Anywho, the week itself has been pretty uneventful, but this blog felt like it had to be written, if you wish to know, then read on πŸ™‚ and if you don’t…well then you can go lick a walrus (that’s right, walrus). Given the cliche title (pretty inventive hey?) you can guess what a majority of this blog is about. Tonight was both a very depressing, and very cathartic night for me. This is due to that at 8:30pm on the 13th of May, I had my final full stage performance in Kuwait 😦 I speak of course of The Lion King (yes, this dominates the blog once again.)The night’s pressure didn’t really hit me until the final minutes leading up to showtime. It felt like the opening to Lupe Fiasco’s music video to “The Show Goes On”, walking down a narrow corridor, all of those lights flashing, right before that on stage adrenaline rush…nothing like it πŸ™‚ .Though I feel, that with it being the last night, that the energy was sent to an all new high, which could probably be measured by the height to which Khalid flung me during the Simba VS Scar scene πŸ˜› Giving my “goodbye and good luck” Β speech before the show, was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do, for although I’ll see alot of the cast members in the months to come, tonight was my last chance to be with them as a fellow cast member, a friend, as part of a family. Although I’m very much looking forward to starting from the bottom of the ladder again and making my way up, I know that I’ll never be as connected to any of the casts as I have in my performances here. Taking this opportunity to once again thank everyone that I’ve performed with, A level drama, Sweeney Todd, Lion King, the list goes on πŸ™‚ You are all legends, and some of the best groups of people that I have ever worked with, and honestly, serve as proof to the world that Kuwait has heaps of unknown talent. With the performers coming out of Kuwait right now, the acting world won’t know what hit it πŸ™‚ BAIA! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?!

“A true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart, and the reason in his mind” – John Teller, Sons of Anarchy

If anything, today served as a reminder, that come September, we’ll all have gone our separate ways, starting out on a new path to whatever lies ahead, all that we have to make sure of is to make good use of our opportunities along the way. An unknown man once said “Keep a cool head, but Β a warm heart.”Β  This serves as a perfect outline to the beginning of any career path, reminding you to keep your passion, but also your realism, don’t lose of your goals but don’t lose yourself along the way, who knows? you may never come back the same. (re-read that and see if any of it made sense πŸ˜› ) As for the school update, this week most definately ended on a high note. On Wednesday, we had Β a celebration for Mr. Lynskey, giving him an iPhone as a sort of farewell to sixth form gift. He called us “Probably the best year 13 that he’s ever had,” and that was pre-iPhone πŸ˜› Cake was had by all, as were hugs by the Big L *score* Thursday also saw quite a whacky turn of events. Faisal and Pratik’s spice challenge turned into more of a party than anything, mainly because Faisal wussed out after the first “shot” of V8 and Tobasco, without Jalepinos might I add. Noor, Aamir and I gladly accepted the challenged, downing 3 shots of the stuff, with jalepinos. Throats were on fire afterwards, considering that this challenge was probably the stupidest thing that we’ve ever done, but would we do it again….oh hell yes!


Now there’s two weeks left of Year 13, which probably nobody will show up for. Naps in the common room ftw! Actually did some History work the other day, which really killed my Germany buzz. I don’t mind the Weimar and Imperial stuff, but all of the Nazi bullshlakha is exactly that, bullshlakha. I mean who in their right mind wants to do more Hitler for A2 level? which boring sod wants to do Nazi Germany and the final bloody solution? Surely there’s better topics out there Edexcel, SORT IT OWWWTTTTTT! Give us Meiji Japan or some Ancient Greek stuff, or something pre 20th century! but Hitler? c’mon 😦 I’m just hoping that they don’t do what they did last year, and put two poxy Nazi essay questions on the thing…if they do….I shall break something, surrusly. On that note, I shall bid you all good nacht πŸ™‚ sleep well my fellow Earthicans, and I shall see you on the morrow. ‘Till next time Tris Out


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