Cast Down As Sons Of War….accompanied by Quesedillas


Today was thought provoking, energy draining and relaxing all rolled into one giant meaty quesedilla of a day (analogous win!) Do you like quesedillas? you’d have to be a madman not to, they are literally the best combination of cheesy, creamy and meaty greatness all wrapped into one *insert obscene joke here*. Aside from the quesedillas today’s blog will surely leave you wondering as to just how mad KES students really are 😛

Rolled into school late today, mainly because there seriously is just no point in being in for my frees. Seriously, the millenium centre is like a ghost town at break now, it’s spooky. Aamir and I were wondering round the entire sixth form looking for everyone, like we’d survived some cheesy (back to the quesedillas again) natural disaster or a mass murder by a horror villain or something. Turned out it was just that all the bio students had disappeared, fail? I think so. Man, it seems as though the Bio and History students are the only people with any syllabus work left to do, which is kind of worrying if I’m honest. History could have been finished by now, except Edexcel like to be bitchy, and gave us all crappy coursework marks, apparently for not “utilising or evaluating enough primary evidence”…..bollocks. Mr.Hardy’s section is pretty much finished as is Ms. Towler’s, so we’re approaching the end, it’s just taking a while. I’ve tried reviewing my notes over the past week, and I’m still no more excited about the Nazi Period than I was at the beginning. Alicia made the point that the fact that we’d done it all before didn’t really help, but my main problem with it is all the repetition. It feels like you’re stuck in the same year throughout the Nazi chapter, when in reality it stretches a good 20 years or so. I’ve heard “election”, “SA” and “Gestapo” to my limit, as well as the all the names “Hiedrich, Himmler, Hindenburg” (the H’s have it). It’s just a lot of stuff to remember, so I guess it’s up to my derailing and ill remembering photographic memory 🙂 In terms of the source questions, I think I’m going to go with Mr.Hardy’s topic, mainly because the Nazi sources, mainly by Ian Kershaw, are like some cryptic ancient language. They might as well be written in Swahili.

With Drama and Lit, it’s just a matter of doing the essays again and again, so I should be ok, Lit’s a bit of a doosie and the moment, but the essays are getting better, slowly.

So I mentioned that the year 13’s had gone mad? Try stark raving mad 😛 Why do you ask? well, second break today consisted of the most intellectually stimulating and thought provoking conversation that we’ve ever had, a discussion about *clears throat* “DA POO POO!” Now I’ll name none in this, so you’re toilet and poo related secrets are safe. But some of the things that we heard or said were simply outrageous, including certain people crapping on the floor as opposed to the toilet, and others straddling said porcelain throne. For lack of diving in too deep, this conversation did indeed lighten the mood of the day.

Spent the majority of time at home finishing up a Lit essay (Take that Haslam) and reviewing History, so nothing too exciting there. Swung by Sarj’s studio to say hey to Voice of the Soul, on the second day of recording their new 6 track EP. Honestly the stuff that I’m hearing is awesome, and I can’t wait until the vocals are added, it’s going to be…how do I put it? “Off the Chizzain?” (Damn Snoop Dogg >_<). Went for dinner with Kareem, Monish and Mubarak afterwards, as today was Mubarak’s birthday 😀 Was able to reminisce a bit, about the older days of VotS and of course Desert Rock ’09. All I’ll say about that trip is “IT’S BIG FOOT!”

Well, there’s the day in a nutshell (or case more like!) I figured youd’ve all had enough of the “thank you all so much’s” and “I never could have done it without you’s” so I’m now back to semi-daily updates. I say semi, because I’ve actually  got to study for my 3 exams 😛 Till next time

Tris Out


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