Ghost Reveries

Greetings fellow Asgardians (yes, still on a Thor high)

This week has been relatively quiet, but it’s given me time to mull over and think thing’s through, as well as get some work done. I’ve also gone through numerous music addictions this week, thanks to a certain returning Kuwait based local act, *cough* Voice of the Soul *cough*, and ofc the main man himself, I speak of course, of the Sarj. Been really stuck into my metal lately, which is good, because I’d been in a bit of musical limbo for a while, luckily newer stuff from Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Black Veil Brides and The Unguided keeping me hooked, as well as old favourites such as Opeth (who’s best album is the title of this blog) and Amorphis (mainly due to Tomi Joutsen’s haunting melodies.) Sarj also steered me in the direction of a Ronnie James Dio tribute that he was involved with, and in short, all that I can say is “Long Live Rock-N-Roll” and R.I.P Ronnie James Dio. Be that as it may, I can’t wait to become musically involved in Kuwait again, and am even more psyched for what Adam and I will come up with in the UK.

All of that boring shyte aside, this week has been a bit of strange week. Didn’t bother going into school for alot of it, considering that there really are no lessons any more, enabling me to stay at home and study….and by study I mean watch South Park. But nah, seriously, I did work intensely this week. It’s a little weird if I’m honest, not only do I have just 3 papers to sit, but I start exams wayyy after everyone else (which many people in the year endearingly remind me of…constantly) Also the fact that my first exam is the 10th and last is the 22nd really doesn’t help this matter, as certain people, ie: the genius buggers that take Physics, all end on the 27th. People say that my late start is lucky, but in my view, it’s far from it. A longer waiting period means a greater build up of anxiety, which I do not cope well with. Ironic isn’t it? I have no problems standing up or performing in front of large crowds of people, in fact I quite enjoy it (as I’ve explained the adrenaline rush of the stage numerous times) ,then exams come along and turn me into that guy rocking back and forth in foetal position in the corner. They are honestly the scariest things that I’ve ever done, and they only get worse with time….so yeah… no pressure. Had a sword fight with Alicia in History on Tuesday….well what did expect after giving Alicia Red Fanta?  though I still won, it clearly wasn’t the placebo effect that she expected it to be, no Super Saiyan powers for Alicia .

Earlier in the week, I was asked to MC the LAMDA Ceremony, which has also got me scared shitless. Sure I’ve hosted the talent and fashion shows, but this is a formal event, what do I say? :S Standard welcomes fine, but what about humour? Where do you draw the line? I suppose there’s only one way to find out, experimentation 😛 hahaha seeing as this’ll be my last ceremony, it’s actually an honour that Alison has asked me, considering this is a role usually filled by the head boy/head girl or the theatre captain, so it’s a bit exciting as well as nerve racking. Speaking of BAIA, Hassan showed me some songs from this new musical called “The Book of Mormon.” It’s by the guys that wrote South Park, and honestly I’ve haven’t heard a more obscene or funnier musical since Avenue Q. Even if you aren’t a fan of musicals, you will enjoy this purely for comic value 🙂 Though the BAIA camp hasn’t been without it’s downpoints this week. Surya and Chrissy’s two year strong relationship ended on Wednesday, which doth suck monkey testicles. I know this is a stereotypical blog topic, but the effect of a break up worsens with time. I dated my last girlfriend for two weeks before she dumped me, and I was in a world of hurt then, though I won’t go into that. I can’t imagine what Surya’s going through after 2 years, the best that we can do is lend him a helping hand, and just hope this doesn’t last too long. I’m not expecting it to take two days or something, that’s impossible and inhuman, but just hope that this weight on his heart will be lifted in due time. Hopefully with Yousem and I there to help him, Surya won’t have to take the weight alone. That is in fact one my biggest fears, isolation, being stranded or trapped in a complete mental blackness almost, feeling like you can’t escape, being alone……’s scaring me now to even think about it, so I won’t *SEAMONKEYS!*

On that note, I shall bid you all goodbye. My writing has been a bit lack lustre lately, but I guess that comes with exam pressure 🙂 ‘Till next time

Tris Out


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