Primal Scream Therapy or “Words on paper”

Dream Evil, the dark that you find in the back of your mind” – Ronnie James Dio

Given the Bridget Jones’s Diary entries that my blog has become, I’m attempting to regain my writing legs with this one. I guess I fell into that deadly trap that most blog writers fall privy to, routine. Not that it’s a bad thing, better safe than sorry right? But when I started this I said that I was going to try and balance my writing between daily updates and my mind’s inner workings/ thoughts on topics etc. I clearly haven’t been doing that, well, no time like the present to make a change is there? ūüôā

You say everything that I want to say, except you don’t overanalyse it. You have your style man, and that’s good, I’m looking ¬†forward to see how your style develops. Keep writing man :)” –¬†Omer Hamid

Those words have stuck with me since they were typed. It took me a while to figure out a topic, considering that so many of my fellow bloggers are such vivid writers, discussing things that people like me could never even dream of (and we all know how powerful those things are). But what strikes me, is people like Omer, Ishas, Aamir, Shabaar and Samrad, they write from the heart, not their heads. I mean, they have their own styles but I figured that I’d start writing from my inner workings too, and maybe, I’d get that catharsis that I need. I’ve used elements of it before, in “From Chuck Berry to Buckcherry!” and “Insensitive Or Realist?”, but this blog is totally dedicated ¬†to one of my utmost passions, I hope you all enjoy it (all one of you).

After that essay of an intro, I get straight to my topic, and this one’s quite simple, Lyrics.¬†The thing with lyrics, is that they aren’t so distant from poetry, some write to remember, others to forget, others to release all the pent up feelings lurking deep within their minds and souls. Appropriate, I think so ūüôā

Songwriting has always been a means of venting, of catharsis. It’s primal scream therapy man. You get that evil out of you. When you allow it to fester that’s when it takes you over” –¬†David Draiman, Disturbed

All throughout my teenage years, people have asked me “Tris, why do you listen to that infernal racket?”, and in short, David Draiman’s words have¬†summarised¬†all that I enjoy about writing. ¬†To most metal vocalists, lyrics aren’t all about rising up and revolting, alot of them are heart felt and personal. When you truly delve into the crevices and the cracks of the maze that is the human heart, most of what you’ll find is blood. But looking past the blood (hard for you biologists out there,I know), you’ll find all of the pent up anger, hate, sadness, fear, longing, regret. You’ll discover a whole spectrum of emotions that you never knew existed. As highlighted by Mr. Draiman, letting theses emotions stockpile, to place an immovable weight on your heart is probably one of the worst things that a human being can do. Internalising all of that will only result in it consuming you, dragging you down into the void of your fears. Writing those feelings down as words on paper, or on a screen, I’ve found, allows you to combat that, to grab all of those feelings by the throat and master them, and, to put it dramatically, exorcise yourself from it. Heavy Metal’s harsh vocals are an outer reflection of the anger and the passion. I’ve found that growling (as childish as that sounds) really does help as a release, as that catharsis that all writers strive for.

I wrote lyrics to a song some time ago (I would post them here, but my lyrics book is still at Augie’s, you’d think that I’d remember the, but that’s I wrote ’em down in the first place.) I called it “Another’s Mask“. It was based on the concept of method acting, and my own personal experience playing Sweeney Todd. Now how much this came across I don’t know, but over the course of developing and processing that character, I never once felt like myself. It felt like my mind had been dominated by this dreary persona, that I was truly stepping into the skin of another, wearing another’s mask. After the performance, I seriously thought that I would never find myself, amongst the cogs and wheels that make up my peanut sized brain. But once I had those words down on paper, I began to slowly and steadily remember who I was and of course who I was not. That I was me, Tristan French (Or King Tristan the Babbler to some.) As dramatic as that sounds, I assure you all that it’s the truth. Feeling like you were nothing more than a slave to that construct, safe to say, I’ll never attempt that for a long time.

“Take joy in who you are, we know our wings are flawed. We’re bored to death in Heaven, and down alone in Hell, We only want to be ourselves”- Andrew Biersack (Andy Sixx), Black Veil Brides

Now, she’ll probably hate me for this, but I’m going to use her as an example once again. Noor’s lyrics are a true example of words from the heart. I’ve only heard one of her songs, but the message was clear from the start. What I gathered from the first verse (and Noor, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is that sometimes, the “Words on paper”¬†just aren’t enough. Sometimes singing it, and saying the words out loud, even if it’s only to yourself, is the only true way to lift those seemingly immovable weights on your heartstrings. Only some lyrics have ever moved me to tears, and “Dark Romance” was most¬†definitely one of them.

Now, I’m not saying that all lyricists should write in that manner. My main point as, as long as it comes from an area that you feel truly passionate about, that you will gain that lift that you long for. Whether your topic be politics, simple brawls, nightmares, or even death, your aim should be to connect and reach out to those who feel the same with your lyrics, and once again, Noor does that very successfully.

Well, this is definitely my longest blog yet, and I feel that I have obtained yet another catharsis. Feeling that my writing isn’t quite as shyte (rhymes ftw!) as I thought it was (despite that ftw!). ¬†To all lyricists out there, keep going, strive and long, and eventually, the world will answer you back. ‘Till next time

Tris Out



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