“I got into this for every reason that I’ve stated; to make music and to create some kind of legacy; To leave a thumbprint, I was here” – Corey Taylor

Hello wordpress, remember me ? So I haven’t written anything in over a month. This may have something to do with the fact I was sitting these things…what’re they called…A LEVELS! so all of my writing and creative energy, as well as most of my thinking power (if any) went into that, hence the long postless months. That’s the simple reason. The other, is  because for the past month or so, I’ve been thinking nowhere near straight, in fact my train of thought’s been close to crashing more times than an 3agad driving insanely fast down the Fahaheel Expressway. Basically, I was scared to write again, scared to be judged, to have my words forever embedded on the page. This repelled me from blogging for the longest time, until a certain little vampire reminded of why I started this (indirectly). I started writing here to be able to get my thoughts straight, to put my mind at ease, and this has only been proved by my time away from here and the derailment that followed, so I’m going to try and post a bit more regularly from now on, now that ofc it’s summer, and the freedom that all Year 13’s have longed for has come hand in hand with boredom.

So yes I’m back with a vengeance, and this blog, like oh so many, starts with a dream that I had earlier this week, and the bibliographical revelation that followed 😛  This dream eventually links to my topic for this one, Legacy. Legacy is defined as “something handed down from a predecessor” which basically translates to “what we leave behind.” It made me wonder, what trail do I want to leave behind, to be known as Tristan “that rambling psychopath who can’t stop talking” or as Tristan “the guy who knew his limits, knew what he wanted to do and persevered through to the end”, By the end of this blog, I think it’ll be clear as to which one I chose.

The Dream: I’m wandering through a forest, the entire area is shrouded in mist, I have no inkling as to where I’m going or what I’m doing, just walking blindly hoping to stumble across a clue to my whereabouts. After trudging through the fog, I come across oddly postioned signs pointing me in different directions. After following them all, the mist clears, to reveal that the signs pointed in a circle, and that there was in fact no clear path, and that I had been stuck in an endless loop, and endless train of thought, of confusion.

Despite my initial reaction, this dream was pivotal in deciding my own path, my legacy. These words are probably best summed up by one of my favourite fictional characters, Siimon the digger:

“If there’s a wall in your way, then smash it down. If there isn’t a path, then carve one yourself” – Siimon the Digger

Although considered childish by many, it was the grit, and pure determination behind Simone’s words that allowed my thoughts to be cleared, and my focus to be re-established. I came to the realisation that paths aren’t made for you, there is no easy route. To truly gain a firm grasp on your future, you have to have chart your own course, take the helm, and sail into the unknown, and some day, you’ll pull through to the other side, the side that you’ve strived to reach for your whole life. Legacies aren’t born, they’re made, and it’s up to you to decide what impact that you wish to leave.

I mentioned earlier again that I was fearful of being judged. Well, it was figuring out the importance of a legacy that allowed me to truly and utterly pay no heed to those that would judge your independance, to look the herd directly in the eye and say:

“Count your cash and kiss my ass” – Chris Robertson, Black Stone Cherry

Those that would judge determination, are simply afraid themselves. Afraid to board that ship into the unknown, to simply remain content with their current standing, without knowing the true extent of their abilities, or realising their full potential. Those who would make such judgements do so out of  indirect jealousy, envy of the fact that while you chart your own course, they cannot muster the effort or the courage to the same, in short, they wish they could do the same as you. Forsake not the dream (I just had to use that) and pay the judgemental crowd no heed. In fact, seek to inspire others to seek their leagcy and what they wish to leave behind as an eternal reminder. In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” , Mercrutio states:

Men’s eyes were made to look, and let them gaze. I will not budge for no man’s pleasure – Mercrutio, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

Basically saying, if they wish to stare and gawk, then let them? they’re not doing you any personal harm are they? I’m pretty sure everyone whose reading this thinks I’ve gone off my rocker by now, but I’d really pay it no heed, it would only hinder the carving of the path 😛 haha

To conclude, I think it’s pretty obvious which Legacy I’ve chosen. I have no way of knowing what it entails, or what the future holds. All that I do know, is that I’m going to keep walking until my feet bleed, and even then I’ll keep on going. To all those striving to figure they’re legacy, keep striving, it’s there, it just won’t come easily. To those who would judge, you be trollin’ 😛 Once again, in the words of Siimon

If you’re going to dig then dig for the heavens. No matter what’s in my way, I won’t stop. Once I’ve dug through, it means that I’ve won!

“Just who the hell do you think I am?! I’m Simon, I’m not my bro, I’M ME! SIMON THE DIGGER!”

Until next time

Tris Out


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