In Waves

Once again, I’ve decided to clear away the cobwebs and tumbleweeds of this blog, to write about another topic that’s been weighing pretty heavily on my head for a while now. Now that’s not to say that it’s all I’ve been thinking about, that would make me insane, but more that it’s been lurking, like a predator overlooking it’s prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce and indirectly blossom into a full blown train of thought.  Now aside from an assortment of quotes, I hope this presents you with a clear view of the topic, if not, then it’s open to interpretation, this is after all the thoughts of an individual and not a unified banner of thought.

“Do I end this all for the world to see? (In Waves, In Waves) Do I take everybody else down with me?” – Trivium

It was this song that ignited a spark to start thinking about Malice. Malice  is defined as the “intention or desire to do evil”. What does that have to do with the song lyrics?  In my eyes, they assume the point of view of a man torn between malice and isolation, questioning his motives before a decent into the void of malice. Does he simply end all that he knows, entering his darker interests, or does he drag everyone that he holds dear down with him? To me, that is a make or break and deadly choice, and it is that defining decision that sets the path for the malicious man. The tie that binds of course being that once he is far enough down that road, there really is no turning back (on with the cliches). When I first thought this it puzzled me, and lead to the typed words you now see. Why would anyone choose the path of malice, what joy or achievement (if any at all) could come from it? How could a single person cope with causing pain to so many others. For the longest time I thought, around every paradox and every principle surrounding it, until it finally hit me, the simplest answer that I had both avoided and feared, that there was no paradox or principle at all.

“Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight

Once again, a harsh reality waits in the most obvious of places, upon my numerous viewings of “The Dark Knight”, I never fully understood Alfreds words until now. I saw nothing to gain from malice because there literally is nothing to gain. Some simply choose it as a passtime, as a means of entertaining themselves, some just want to see everything destroyed before them for the sheer hell of it, to cause others pain out of boredom. I don’t know about you, but the fact that there are people out there who would even consider this, sickens me and shakes me to my very core. It’s not like I’m expecting every living person to have saintly values, I mean we’re all human, and human’s make mistakes, wether we mean to or not. It’s when those mistakes are transformed into something far more grotesque, into simple anger and hate that fester within a person’s mind like a cauldron, until they unleash it upon the world, it is here that I become afraid, afraid of the fact that some of us, given the choice, would choose malice as a way of life. All those who’ve been victims to malice know all too well that when it finally emerges, it crashes down, dragging it’s victims down below the waves and further into those depths.

“I’ve created the sound of madness, wrote the book on pain, somehow I’m still here to explain, that the darkest never comes in the night, you can sleep with a gun, when’re you going to wake up and fight for yourself” – Brent Smith, Shinedown

However, just as malice exists as does it’s opposite, Courage. Despite the fact that some choose the evil path, there those courageous few that decide to stop being afraid, and to stand up against it. As Mr. Smith has stated, what good is having a means of protection when you are still hesitant to utilise it and protect yourself? Just as some take malice as an easier path, there are those that choose to brave through struggle and emerge victorious above it, and thus take control of their fears through knowing whole heartedly that the malicious cannot harm them. It is these few individuals that we should aspire to.

Well this is definately my most dramatic blog yet, and once again, it’s been pretty cathartic. I hope that it’s once again given some insight into the typical view of malice, and if not, it’s at least given you a good read.

Until next time

Tris out


5 thoughts on “In Waves

  1. what can be gained from malice? the perception of power or security. if someone puts someone else down it is to make themselves feel better. the amount of people that purely give in to chaos are few and many of them are so removed from the real world that even if they wanted to see the world burn they wouldn’t be able to make it do so.
    think about this (why does the villain laugh when his malicious plot comes to full fruition?).
    the fact that you either chose to or could not see this implies the immense amount of good in you with very little evil and it is inspiring

  2. Interesting thoughts, and well justified by some good quotes from awesome bands/films. Kinda interesting to read this as the chaos part provides the flip side of the coin to some of the points I’ve thought about myself in mty blog

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