Walk the Line

“My approach to writing is the same as my approach to music, I don’t want to do what everybody else is doing” – Corey Taylor

Another blog inspired by a quote. That’s what I love most about writing here, is that inspiration could come from anywhere at anytime, you could be sitting around, letting your mind wander away, and then like a freight train, it’ll hit you hard and fast *insert innuendo here*. So here, sheltering from the torrential rain outside (weird for New York in the middle of Summer), I’m reminded of why I write and what I’m aiming to achieve. My approach to writing is alot like Mr. Taylor’s, to differ from everyone else’s, to stand out if you will. Some would call that overzealous, I prefer to call it drive, the want to improve with every post, to make my writing more and more in depth (if not more dramatic as has been the case) with each post.

“I feel the rage, and it burns the pages, of all these yesterdays” – Matthew K. Heafy

My mind has been going off on yet another unexplainable tangent, inspired by the word that will become reality in September, and that word is Depart. Now here is where I’d usually define the word, but the most obvious definition of Depart is probably to “Leave”. Personally to me, it means so much more than that, to “Leave all behind but yourself and those you treasure.” Now those who don’t know me (in fact those who know me as well) would probably say “Tristan, what’re you on about? have you gone mad?”, on the contrary I’ve never been saner (is that a word?), and as usual I’ll explain. The reason that I think of Depart that way is because your individuality is probably THE most precious part of your personality, and the one that everyone to strive to hold onto because in short, it’s what makes you well…..you! Everyone has their own individual traits that are unique to them and only them, no matter how unexplainable or unobvious (I know, neither of those are words). Some chew their lips when anxious, others simply can’t stop talking and others can’t take hints (who does that remind you of?), some have uncannily accurate memories while others can contort themselves into unbelievable shapes, the list is endless. Thinking about leaving my home and starting anew in a completely new area, it reassures me that as long as I keep my individuality, the looming thoughts of living away from home are put at ease. These sentiments are reiterated by the world’s true last outlaw:

“If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself, I would find away” – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s haunting refrain from “Hurt” always brings me to tears, purely because of the feeling behind the song, and the relation that absolutely anyone can feel to it. Johnny Cash was so much more than a musician, he was an icon, a badass and a true outlaw. No matter how far his career progressed, or what he was offered, he stayed that way, true to his original ethics, purely playing music because he enjoyed it, and for no other prosthetic reason. Some would call him iconoclastic,  take away the “clastic” and you’ll have what Johnny Cash really was. No matter how you look at it, Mr. Cash possessed something that many do not, confidence in his individuality. Whenever exploring a new possibility he was not afraid to depart, as long as he kept himself with him. Now I’m probably the last person to talk about confidence, being that up until recently, I had issues with it myself. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel scared, to feel weak, to feel powerless. The thing to wonder about is, how would you solve it, would you simply spend your time sheltered on the sidelines, or are you going to get up and do something about it, to tell the world “I’m here, come and get me.” Some are fearful of the unknown, and of what it holds, but mankind didn’t get anywhere by fearing the unknown, you must embrace it and charge into what you don’t know head on (god I’m repeating myself alot), and you shall emerge all the better.

Well once again, this blog was relatively short, and pretty much like a stream of consciousness, but in the end, this is why us bloggers write is it not? To take all of our thoughts, and rant about them on the interwebs for trolls and the like to view? I shall leave you with Johnny Cash’s message to the unknown:

Until next time

Tris Out


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