Album Review – Trivium – In Waves

Band: Trivium

Album Name: In Waves

Release Date: August 9th 2011

If you’re a complete Trivium fanboy, like me, then you’ll have been anticipating the release of  In Waves for quite some time now.  Although it’s easy to see why some people would think twice before listening to this, as ever since the band’s big label breakthrough with 2005’s “Ascendancy”, the band really hasn’t been able to match it’s response, given the disaster that was “The Crusade” and the hit and miss album “Shogun”, on both a sonic and public level, that is of course, until now. “In Waves” is easily the band’s best work since 2005’s crushing opus, and is most probably their most enthusiastic effort to date.

From the eerie instrumental introduction that is “Capsizing the Sea” ( in many ways working to the same effect as “The End of Everything”) to the crushing riffs of “Black”, to the high octane pace racers of “Caustic Are the Ties That Bind”  and “Forsake Not The Dream”, Trivium’s latest offers to both die hards and newcomers alike everything and more that “Ascendancy” gave, living up to the legendary anthems of “Like Light to the Flies” and “Pull harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr.”

Matt Heafy vocals are as diverse as they’ve ever been, the newest addition being the low gutteral, almost death metal like, growls of the brutal “Dusk Dismantled” and “Chaos Reigns”, clearly displaying the vocalist’s innermost rage and frustration. Another new addition to Matt’s vocal arsenal are the slight falsettos heard on album closer “Of All These Yesterdays”, a truly beautiful track which combined with Corey Beaulieu’s soothing melodic leads, and Nick Augusto’s hard hitting yet atmospheric drum beats, did bring me to tears when I first heard it (I’m not ashamed to admit!). Of course, it’s not all new additions, there’s plenty of the Trivium that we know and love with the forcefully crushing “Inception of the End” , “Forsake Not the Dream” and “Caustic Are the Ties that Bind” reflecting Trivium’s knack for memorable dual solos and leads, as well as the intelligent combination of harsh growls and soothing clean vocals,  while tracks such as “Watch the World Burn”, Black” and “Built To Fall” display Trivium’s clear thrash influences, through brutally overwhelming riffs and Paolo Gregoletto’s dominant bass lines (the most prominant that they have ever been).

Although In Waves is not without it’s down points. Although all the tracks are fairly balanced, some seem to be lacking, tracks such as “Chaos Reigns” being bereft of clean vocals where they would’ve been suited, and other tracks such as “Watch the World Burn” could’ve had a bit more in terms of harshness, but they’re both good tracks in their own right, so I’m not complaining.

In short, In Waves , is Trivium coming into their own. This record could not have been made by anyone else, you cannot say, at any point that “Oh that sounds like some other band”, as it doesn’t. In Waves only sounds like one band, and that is Trivium. Safe to say that Trivium are back with a vengeance, and although some tracks may be inconsistent, as a whole, the album gels together very well. So I’m going to rate In Waves as:


only knocking off  a point for the inconsistency. Welcome back Trivium!


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