The Way of The Fist

Recently, heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch had a bit of an on-stage meltdown. To cut a long story shot, frontman Ivan Moody got a bit crabby, causing the rest of his band to leave the stage for an extended amount of time, during which Moody takes selfies with fans, starts an acapella group with the crowd and tries to play the drums…well the kick anyway, before the rest of the bend come back and finish out the set…alebit in more of a huff than Eric Cartman in a petulant food rage. Of course, this was all caught on tape, and entitled “FFDP, Possible Break-Up”:

24 hours after that video was posted both Moody (beginning to sound like an appropriate surname) and drummer Jeremy Spencer posted statements, both basically equating to “No you idiots, we are not breaking up. There were technical issues, Ivan got pissed and took it out the wrong way. Bands fight, funny right? We’re still touring, see you soon.”

The more that I trawl through the internet , the more that I realise that a majority of people really don’t know what being in a band is like. Most seem to think that everyday as a touring musician is full of hijinks and shenanigans, and they cap it all off with a smooth show at the end, retreating to their comfy tour bus to do it all again the next day. In reality the truth could not be more different. Members of a band and crew will likely see each other, and only each other for months on end, without very much home contact, as pointed out by Scroobius Pip:

 “It’s hard to realise. In a touring situation, particularly if you’re not a massive headliner, you are sharing rooms on that tour, or sharing a bus or whatever, and you’ve literally, in 3 months time (or whatever) not had any times to yourself unless you’re on the toilet.” – Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces Podcast #21

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the exact opposite of privacy. Bands literally spend every minute around each other, whether that’s at sound-check, on stage or off it. Bands fight. Just like regular people. Surprise, surprise. However, one fight does not mean that a band has broken up or that they all hate each other. All relationships, friendships and sail ships are tested, normally with the storms causing said tests coming in the shape of arguments and tussells.  If you spend too much time around a certain group of people, you’re going to get pissed off with them eventually. BUT, you bounce back and get on with what you have to do. In Death Punch’s case, Moody apologised for his little tantrum and they’re getting on with what their tour. Funnily enough, this is how fights are solved. Apologise, own up, and move on…or don’t. I’m pretty sure that FFDP have a song about this…how does it go again?

and just for fun, here’s one about beating people up:


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