Right Back At It Again

I’ve been thinking a lot about rejection, and the connections it has to giving up altogether. Rejection is a regular occurrence in the arts, especially if you’re a musician or an actor. But, an even more common factor, and an essential for any sort of artistic profession, is that you get back up, dust yourself off and get right back at it!

“C’mon Matt, get to work!” – “Battlin'” Jack Murdock, Daredevil

Anybody that’s met me knows that I love acting and performing. It’s been the thing I’ve loved doing, more than anything, since I was hobbit-sized. The older I’ve gotten, the hungrier I’ve become, and that’s a growth I’m happy for (besides, y’know, the beer belly. But I’m working on that…I promise).

But, getting older has also taught me a valuable lesson about the acting profession, and it’s the 90% of people are more than prepared to drop you like the price of Christmas jumpers in August. This, unsurprisingly, puts a lot of sparkingly talented people off. I’ve met so many crazy skilled people who could’ve easily broken through to the pro-side of acting or music or clay pigeon shooting, but they chose not to, and a big part of that (I think) is the fear of failure and rejection. In other words, most people give up before they’ve even given it a decent shot. It’s taught me that you can really throw your nose to the grindstone, but you’re not going to make it into everything you try for…in fact for every show you make it into, there’s going to be a greater number of ones that you haven’t made to go along with it, like the life and times of a travelling salesman.

I know for a fact that I’ve definitely been scared to stand back up, especially after being knocked down a few pegs. Hitting the mat isn’t the difficult part, that’s been done for you. The hard part is getting back up afterwards, levelling your head, and coming back better than you were before. Not only will you feel more accomplished by jumping over a Snorlax sized hurdle, but you can do it while you’re flipping off the people that put it there and stole your Poke Flute in the first place.

You heard. Jump over that Snorlax

I could keep writing “try, try again” until the crows come home, but instead (in standard fashion) I’ve made a list of 5 songs to pick up your mood whenever you feel defeated, under pressure or just plain sad, these’ll put a smile on your face…or at least make your mouth wiggle a bit:

#5 – “Gone” by The Bouncing Souls (How I Spent My Summer Vacation, 2001)

Octane infused punk music. A song that cheers people up ABOUT hearing a song that cheers people up. Positive song-ception. –

#4 – “Half Truisim” by The Offspring (Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace, 2008)

A song for a last charge if there ever was one. If Aragorn could’ve picked a song for the charge into Mordor, this would’ve been it. –

#3 – “Second Chance” by Shinedown (The Sound Of Madness, 2008)

If this song doesn’t pick you up, then you’re a heartless gargoyle –

#2 – “The Next Storm” by Frank Turner (Positive Songs for Negative People, 2015)

This song basically sums up this blog post…don’t know why I didn’t just post this –

#1 – “Right Back At It Again” by A Day To Remember (Common Courtesy, 2013)

See, I had a plan for that title all along –


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