Top 10 Overpowered Playable Characters in Fighting Games

I’m a big fan of fighting games. Not that you can tell by the amount of Hadouken and Kamehameha references that there are on this blog. There is simply nothing more fun than kicking back with a friend or three, and metaphorically kicking the living shit out of each other with completely fantastical moves. I swear, if Connor McGregor could Shoryuken in his next fight, thing’s would just be peachy.

However, there’s always that one character that everybody wants to play as. That one character who, when used correctly, could sweep absolutely everybody else playing at their best. These characters are so overpowered (OP for those in the know) that they cause both great joy and widespread contempt across a player’s opponents.

Here’s 10 of them. Round 1. FIGHT!:

Disclaimer: This list excludes a lot of older fighters from previous console generations (Ivan Ooze, Street Fighter Alpha’s Akuma etc.) That’s because, well, I was either too young when those games came out, or I just haven’t played them, and ranking a bunch of fighters I’ve never played would just be a bit of a dick move really.


#10 – El Blaze (Virtua Fighter 5)

El Blaze

Virtua Fighter 5 was the first and, so far, only game to feature this fiery luchador. Clearly based off of real life pro-wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, one can only assume that El Blaze was created as the quick and agile equivalent to Wolf Hawkfield‘s strength and endurance based playstyle (a Canadian man who’s gimmick is he’s a Native American…well done Virtua Fighter). Compared to the powerful styles of characters like Akira, El Blaze is easily the series most unpredictable fighter, being able to bounce off the “ropes” (not all stages have ropes, so he kind of just bounces off the wall) and twist and turn in all manner of flying drop kicks, keeping each stage in a constant state of flux…like being stuck in a washing machine. Bar the terrible voice acting, El Blaze is a serious force to be reckoned with, especially when you see Street Fighter‘s answer to him (look up El Fuerte and you’ll see what I mean).

El Blaze Gif


#9 – Hwoarang (Tekken)



Every other person on this list is in reference to a specific game in their respective series. Hwoarang however covers the span of the Tekken saga. Kicking his way into everyone’s hearts with his debut in Tekken 3 , Hwoarang has been a constant since, and it’s easy to see why. His billed Taekwondo fighting style brings more furious kicks than Chun Li in a musical theatre kickline (look her up). Hwoarang’s overpoweredness comes from his aforementioned furious kick based combat, being able to chip away considerably at opponents whilst keeping them at a safe enough distance. He’s still widely used by Tekken players and it’s pretty obvious why



#8 -Kratos – Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale


Lets get one thing absolutely clear. Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale was a terrible terrible game. Late to a battle already won by Super Smash Bros, Playstation Allstars took a few of it’s A List and large amount of it’s B List (Parappa the Rapper…seriously?) and smushed them all together in a great messy mess of a game. However, amongst the chaos was one clear brutaliser of Playstaion’s characters, the Spartan God Slayer, Kratos. Basically this guy’s Blades of Athena cover pretty much the length of the screen, and cause a swirling vortex of fury akin to that of a moving Saarlac pit (think about that for a second). If you come up against Kratos in Playstation Allstars, you are fucked…to put it lightly. Another reason why you should just play God of War instead.

Kartos Rip
I’d hate to be Helios right now


# 7 – Evil Ryu (Super Street Fighter IVEvil Ryu

If this were a list for “Most Overrated Playable Fighting Game Characters”, then Ryu would most likely be right at the top, right next to Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Terry Bogard from the King of Fighters series. Take the most well-known and overused character in the Street Fighter series, make him spend a romantic weekend away with Akuma, and Evil Ryu is the result. He’s just like Ryu…but Evil. Taking Ryu‘s power based move set and amping it up with Akumas speed, and you get one of the most badass fighters on the Street Figher roster (next to of course, El Fuerte…). His access to the Raging Demon (the most unoriginal fighting move name since Scorpion’sSpear”) as well as the Metsu Hadouken and the Messatsu-Goshoryu. Yeah, I don’t know what they mean either, but they’re some of the most poweful finishing moves in the game and make Evil Ryu an unmistakably overpowered evil forced to be reckoned with. That and nobody likes playing the good guy.

evil-ryu-ultra-2-o that’s a Messatsu-Goshoryu…brutal


#6 – Raikage Ay (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4)


Raikage AYAny anime based game normally ends up with it’s protagonist being the most OP character to play with, which is fair as they tend to dominate most of the story or campaign modes, and Naruto is no exception (with the amount of forms this guy has access to, I’m surprised he hasn’t keeled over at this point). Enter Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and the true awakening of the Fourth Raikage (Ay to his mates). His combination of lightning speed (his name literally means “lightning shadow”) and insane strength mean that any opponent’s health bar isn’t sticking around for long, especially if he lands a “Liger Bomb” or his co-operative “Cross Lariat” with his brother Killer B (look, I don’t make the names, I just talk about them). Aybrutal combination of strength and speed become especially hard to deal with when his “Lightning Release” form comes into play. Basically he fast brick shithouse with more chakra than a Ravi Shankar album playing on loop. A sweeper if there ever was one.


#5 – Kung Jin (Mortal Kombat X)

Kung Jin

Most would consider Scorpion or Sub Zero to be the OP playables in the Mortal Kombat universe, and most would not be wrong (this Most person chips in on a lot of stuff I find). Enter Mortal Kombat X and all-round overpowered archer-monk, Kung Jin. All of Kung Jin‘s forms in MKX revolve around his projectiles and his funky bow-staff (I see what they did there) which keeps opponents at distance whilst still dealing out damage. He can also fire arrows, throw chakram and can even teleport. And that’s all before you deal with his fire breathing staff. There really is nothing that Kung Jin can’t do. He would be a lot higher on this list, but Kung Jin is actually my player in MKX and I feel bad for using the most powerful fighter in the game besides Goro (he’s got four arms…it’s kind of unfair really).

Kung Jin Fatality


#4-  Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger)



Take Sub-Zero out of the Mortal Kombat Universe. Give him a long sword and blonde hair and you’ve got BlazBlue‘s Jin. Anybody that has the ability to freeze an opponent/cause a lag in their movement of any kind (ie: most fighting video game bosses…stay tuned) is definitely overpowerd, and Jin is no exception to that rule. His reach is longer than Mr Fantastic’s after arm day at the gym, his freezing abilities are almost uncounterable and he’s a just a bit of a dick really. Combining his freezing ability with ice projectiles and a weird affinity with arial combos and you’ve got yourself a sweeper. The final nail in the coffin however is his chain-grab, freezing an opponent and causing them to button mash more furiously than Wolverine with rabies, and allowing you to go to town on their health bar like a vegetarian at a Whole Foods market. Jin‘s pretty fun to play as, and irritating to play against, which lands him at quite a prominent position on the list.


#3 –  Dante, Virgil and Zero (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)zero-may-cry-no-background

Okay, I’m cheating a little bit here and using one slot for three characters, but I feel it’s justifiable with this one. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (later Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) is a team based fighting game, which kind of eliminates the strength of individual fighters, as the game can punish you for coasting too long and relying too heavily on your favourite hero, making the team dynamic a vital point of gameplay. Probably the most formidable and overpowered playable team in the game is made up of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening leads Dante and Vergil and Megaman sword flinger, Zero. Funny, they’re all Capcom characters…well done Marvel. Combine a dual-revolver wielding demon hunter, a kantana revolving half-demon and a sword-fighting cyborg with more speed than Lemmy‘s blood, and you’ve got yourself a sweeper team. Both Dante and Vergil have access to their Devil Trigger forms from their series, which basically means that for a short time period both can go full-demon “Imgoingtofuckyouupmassively” mode, whilst Zero is probably the game’s fastest character. Combining the 3 means more juggling combos than a three-ring circus and more swords than an annual RPG convention. Just try and keep track of what’s happening in the video below…I think I saw Zero once.


#2 – Kilik (Soul Calibur IV)Kilik


Kilik‘s been a staple of the Soul Calibur series for some time now, but his power was, to put it quite frankly, absurd in Sould Calibur IV. So much so that developer Bandai Namco actually had to take his beloved staff, Kali Yugaaway from him and turn him into an Edgemaster/Inferno-esque character for the sequel. His unreal reach and swift combo chains made him one of the most powerful fighters in the series, let alone the game! Now Kilik is a character that most new players pick up (largely as the icon floats above his character first) and as a result, you come across a lot of people who just spam the same moves over and over again (these people are douches). However, when played correctly, it’s clear that Kilik is the most overpowered playable in Soul Calibur IV. Easily being able to edge opponents away from him with broad strikes, whilst utilising both high and mid-range attacks, it’s pretty hard not to beat anyone with Kilik. He’s also one of my favourites next to Yun Seong and Maxi so he gets near top billing here.

Kilik Gif


#1 – Gogeta, Super Saiyan 4 (Dragonball Z: Budokai 3)Gogeta

When the Dragonball series’ two most powerful characters (Goku and Vegeta for those who have yet to crawl out from under a rock) decide to power up to the gills and fuse with each other, you get the most powerful character in the Dragonball universe (before the introduction of the Super Saiyan God form), Gogeta. Gogeta‘s exitence is the very definition of overpowered. He maintains the combined strength and speed of two Saiyans capable of reaching unbelievably and ridiculously high power levels, as well receiving a combination of their move sets. The result is Gogeta‘s signature technique, the Big Bang Kamehameha wave. Aside from sounding like a gutbusting burger at a Hawaiian restaurant, Gogeta‘s flagship move is named for Goku‘s Kamehameha wave and Vegeta’s (aptly named) Big Bang Attack The result is a shockwave that absolutely desolate any opponent that you come up against. Couple this with his Super Saiyan 4 power level (that’s toodlifuckpies high for all you non-fans) and most opponents just stop trying and give up. What would be the point when your finishing move looks like this:

Big Bang Kamehameha
Do you want fries with that?



Well, that’s about all there is to say about overpowered playable fighting game characters. so I’ll leave you with my favourite fighting game soundtrack. Let’s Fighting Love –





One thought on “Top 10 Overpowered Playable Characters in Fighting Games

  1. EVIL RYU WASN´T OVERPOWERED IN SSFIV, he is in ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV, you should change that in your post, he is at best one of the last mid tier characters in Super Street Fighter IV, also the description is too generic, i mean is not about gameplay wise, or not in the case of Evil Ryu, if you care much more about playable overpowered characters because of story, well, you need to put Gouki/Akuma, Oni, and probably Seth if you´re gonna talk about SF4 series, cause Evil Ryu is not even stronger than regular Akuma. Anyway the list is pretty decent besides that case, keep it up!

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