JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Ranking each JoJo from Worst to Best

Explaining the plot JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be a bit of an arduous task, in the same way that trying to explain the premise of Doctor Who to a person who’s never watched it is harder than a brick in a tumbledryer. Actually, that’s the perfect comparison. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the Japanese comic book equivalent to Doctor Who. Not that it’s about a Scottish man armed with a screwdriver forcing young women into a phonebox (thank you Frankie Boyle) but that the lineage and hereditary nature of the story means that each arc receives a different protagonist.

In the same way that the Doctor regenerates every so often, each story arc/anime season of Hirohiko Araki’s now iconic series receives a new protagonist, nicknamed JoJo, normally linked to the Joestar bloodline, indicated by a star-shaped birthmark. Each JoJo gains new powers and personality traits as the series progresses. Parts 1 and 2 (Phantom Blood and Battle Tendancy) focus on a ripple/energy based martial art called Hamon, whilst parts 3 (Stardust Crusaders) onwards introduce battle spirits called Stands.  I won’t delve too deeply into the lore now, as that would take an entire post in itself and I’ve got stuff to do. SO, I figured I’d rank the 8 JoJos we have had so far. Now, real talk, I love this series. So ranking someone at number 8 does not mean I have a distaste for that JoJo or for that part of the story. Also, spoiler warning: if you haven’t read the manga or watched the series (and you plan on doing so) I wouldn’t recommend reading this, lest you throw your computer/tablet/phone at the wall in rage.


#7 – Josuke Higashikata (Part 8: JoJolion)


Landing at the bottom of the JoJo pyramid is Part 8’s Josuke Hikgashikata. Being the newest protagonist, Josuke is the latest to bear the JoJo moniker and well…that’s really all he’s done. I’ve not read much JoJolion, and that’s largely down to me not wanting to read the full thing until it’s finished. Part 8 centres around Josuke being a retrograde amnesiac and trying to figure out more about his past. Along the way he gains the companionship of Yashuo Hirase and her stand Paisley Park, as well as a stand of his own, Soft and Wet…yup, that’s his Stand’s name. The simple plot of JoJolion and Josuke’s amnesia do leave the story quite open for development but at the same time it often leaves a lot to be desired. Josuke’s adventure is supposed to be a reimagining of the characters from part 4, and whilst he remains nuanced and comical with his flamboyant style and his pretty awesome Stand, I just don’t feel like we’ve seen enough of him to rank him higher than the other JoJos just yet. Still, Part 8 isn’t ending anytime soon so there’s plenty of time for him to become epic.


#6-  Jonathan Joestar (Part 1: Phantom Blood)Jonathan

The first JoJo of the series and the symbolic father of the Joestar bloodline, Jonathan was the first attempt at creating a tribute/pastiche of the standard, over the top anime male hero, with his look based heavily on characters like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken for you purists). The result was a powerful martial artist with the flair of a Super Saiyan peacock. Jonathan’s arc, Phantom Blood, is a grass-roots “good vs. evil” story, introducing central antagonist, vampire and Jonathan’s step brother, Dio Brando. After Dio murders his adoptive father (Jonathan’s dad) Jonathan trains in the breath based martial art of Hamon in order to increase his strength. He ends up, in terms of raw power and hand-to-hand combat, being one of the most powerful JoJos. What ranks him so low on the list however, despite being the inaugural protagonist, is that he’s a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that as Jonathan was written to oppose Dio, who’s more evil than treading on Lego. He also defeats two powerful dark knights, Tarkus and Bruford, and makes the ultimate heroic sacrifice in an effort to destroy Dio (unsuccessfully  mind you as then Stardust Crusaders wouldn’t have happened). However, beyond his good guy attitude and heroic deeds, he doesn’t get much more development. Jonathan has a very one-track mind in terms of saving the world and stopping Dio, and it doesn’t seem to transcend that through the first arc. Given that the story was concluded after 3 volumes (9 episodes) it would’ve been cool to see Jonathan grow a bit more. Still, he can pose like a boss for a guy his size.

Fighting Pose


#5 – Josuke Higashikata (Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable)Josuke

What happens when you combine Elvis Presley‘s hairstyle and a tenacious Stand? It’s Josuke Higashikata. The illegitimate son of Part 2& 3’s Joseph Joestar, Josuke is a high school delinquent turned local town detective. After being tracked down by previous JoJo Jotaro Kujo (and stay tuned) Josuke is informed of his lineage and indirectly revealed to be a Stand user. After an escaped convict kills Josuke’s grandfather, he assists Jotaro in tracking down said criminal, and as a result opens up one-creepy can of worms on his home town of Morioh. Meeting the ghost of young girl Reimi, Josuke and Jotaro are informed of a serial killer targeting women, with a Jack the Ripper style MO, leading the two to track him down and defeat him. Now, let me start by saying, Josuke was the perfect follow-up to his predecessor. He maintains the same tough-guy attitude that we’ve come to expect from the Joestar lineage, whilst providing a joker-like goofiness in order to lighten an otherwise dark storyline. His stand, Crazy Diamond, is one of the series’ most creative, being able to physically alter objects as well as heal wounds, and his attachment and defence of his pompadour is one of the series’ best recurring jokes. The reason he isn’t higher on this is list is that Josuke had a tendency to be overshadowed by Part 4’s central antagonist, Yoshikage Kira and his Stand Killer Queen, as well as the abilities of his nephew Jotaro (wait for it). Still, his heroic attitude and cast-clown quirks make him one of the most memorable JoJos

Josuke Diamond
Shine on, you Crazy Diamond



#4 – Johnny Joestar (Part 7: Steel Ball Run)Johnny Joestar
The first JoJo of the rebooted Steel Ball Run universe, Johnny is a reimagining of Phantom Blood‘s  Jonathan Joestar. Trained as a jockey from a young age and becoming horse-riding genius, Johnny is critically injured following a bullet to his spinal chord, paralysing him from the waist down. He is introduced to fellow protagonist Gyro Zeppeli and the power of the spin, which gradually allows him to regain the use of his legs, as well as fire his fingernails as high-speed bullets…it makes sense okay! With his newfound abilities, Johnny enters the Steel Ball Run race with Gyro, a race across the USA with a pretty hefty cash prize! (also they find the body of Jesus…just saying). As if he didn’t have enough abilities, Johnny’s attacks, attributed to a technique called The Spin (this universe’s equivalent to Hamon) are enhanced by his Stand, Tusk, eventually allowing him to alter space with multiple dimensions (broken? anybody?). Given the fact that Johnny does not have the use of legs for most of Steel Ball Run, his abilities regardless are pretty powerful, and his undoubtable heroism develops steadily throughout the story. What keeps Johnny from being my top JoJo (which is a very fickle point but) is that he’s eclipsed by the other awesome protagonist of Steel Ball Run, Gyro Zeppeli. I’ve always been a big Zeppeli mark, and Gyro is no exception as a steel ball slinging cowboy. BUT, Johnny still remains a favourite, and is definitely leaps and bounds the best JoJo of the new timeline.

Jonny and Tusk


#3 – Joseph Joestar (Part 2: Battle Tendency)Joseph

Joseph is easily the fan favourite JoJo of the entire Bizarre Adventure, especially after the faithful 2012 anime adaption of Battle Tendency. If Jonathan was Araki’s answer to Kenshiro then Joseph is easily the Goku of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Joseph is Jonathan Josetar’s grandson, and the last Joestar to utilise the martial art, Hamon. He’s tenaciously tough and has a heroic drive, as well as being a trickster and a complete goofball. His brotherly dynamic with Caeser Zeppeli is still one of the series’ best team-ups, and his skill and ingenuity with Hamon is yet to be rivalled. Following the awakening of Battle Tendency antagonists, The Pillar Men (Kars, Esidisi and Wammu) Joseph, like his grandfather, is trained to unlock his Hamon abilities and proceeds to take down the otherworldly entities one by one, even defeating Kars following his transformation into “The Ultimate Life Form”…because anime. Probably the reason that he’s ranked so high is due to the Indiana Jones like story of Battle Tendency. The Pillar Men are awoken from their slumber due to experiments by the Nazis, causing Joseph and Caeser to track them down and beat them all. In Part 3, Stardust Crusaders, Joseph even becomes a Stand user and whilst he’s not the main protagonist, he remains an integral and crucial part of the story. It’s easy to see why Joseph is a fan favourite, and to be honest he would probably be higher on the list, if I didn’t love these next three characters so much. Still, Joseph’s “oh my God” meme isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.

one tough mofof


#2 – Jolyne Cujoh (Part 6: Stone Ocean) and Giorno Giovanna (Part 5: Vento Aureo)


Yes, Number 2 is a shitting tie. I’m indecisive at the best of times, and deciding between these two was like choosing between a Gray’s Papaya hot dog or a Shake Shake Smokeshack…I’ll let you decide which one’s which. Part 6’s protagonist, Jolyne Cujoh is the first and so-far only female JoJo in the series, and turned out to be one of the most badass characters in the Joestar lineage. Heavily skilled in hand-to-hand combat and one of the toughest JoJo’s depicted (next to Jonathan and her father…keep reading) Jolyne’s extroverted personality, coupled with her extremely versatile stand, Stone Free, make her one of the most formidable JoJos. Sent to prison and framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Jolyne’s goal is to defeat prison priest/DIO worshipper Enrico Pucci and his Stand stealing Stand Whitesnake (points for the name though). Jolyne is a great fusion of characters, maintaining the toughness of Jonathan, the intelligence of Joseph and the whacky temper of Josuke. Unleash all of that in a women’s prison and well…lets just say she rises to the top of the food chain fairly quickly.

On the other hand, we have Part 5’s golden haired mobster, Giorno Giovanna. Probably the most creative JoJo name (Giorno Giovanna), Giorno is the biological son of famed JoJo antagonist, Dio Brando. However, he also bears the Joestar birthmark due to the fact that DIO conceived Giorno and a handful of other illegitimate offspring while he had possessed Jonathan Joestar’s body ( …yes, you read that correctly) making Girono both the son of DIO and Jonathan, linking Giorno to the Joestar bloodline. Next to Jolyne, Giorno is probably the most goal oriented of the JoJos. From the get-go, Giorno’s dream is to rise up the ranks of the Passione mafia and become a “Gang-star” (a combination of the words “Gangster” and “Superstar”). Teaming with Bruno Buccellati and his team of stand users, Giorno is tasked with protecting Passione‘s boss’s daughter, Trish, serving as one of her bodyguards to deliver her to him. Seeing this as an opportunity to get close to their boss and overthrow him, Giorno and his companions take the assignment, fighting multiple stand users along the way.

Giorno is really more of an anti-hero than he is a saviour. He still maintains heroic causes, like eliminating drug trafficking and violent crime throughout Italy, whilst at the same time showing a willingness to eliminate his enemies, cold-bloodedly killing a bunch of Stand users sent to confront him. His stand, Gold Experience, is one of the most versatile and powerful shown in JoJo chronology. Given the ability to create and manipulate life (even inanimate objects) it’s easy to see why Gold Experience is more overpowered than a tank armoured war elephant. Gold Experience later become Gold Experience Requiem (after being pierced by the Stand Creating Arrow), and in short…it’s the most powerful stand in the series. Able to nullify and return anything (including attacks) back to the point of origin (causing a death loop for the series main antagonist) Gold Experience Requiem gives Giorno the perfect defence and makes him near untouchable. Overall it’s Jolyne’s tenacity and Giorno’s anti-hero freshness that make them two of my favourite JoJos, as well as the versatility and power of their Stands. They’re iconic characters that I can never really get sick of…except for the number 1 choice of course.


Sont fReeRequiem 2


#1 – Jotaro Kujo (Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)Jotaro Manga

Probably the most well-known JoJo and definitely the most recurring, Jotaro Kujo is easily the top of my list. As the lead JoJo of Stardust Crusaders and a heavily supporting character in both Diamond is Unbreakable AND Stone Ocean (Jolyne is his daughter afterall, HAH you see, it was him all along!) Jotaro is both the most heroic and alongside Jonathan probably the strongest JoJo, in terms of combined physical and Stand strength. Locking himself away in a jail cell, after deeming his own Stand, Star Platinum, too powerful, Jotaro is brought out by his grandfather Joseph (yes, that Joseph) to help him track down the resurrected DIO (formerly Dio Brando). After his mother falls sick, seemingly due to DIO‘s vicious deeds, Jotaro, his grandfather and three more Stand users travel to Egypt to defeat DIO and cure Jotaro’s mother. This is easily my favourite part of the series, in which Jotaro and his comrades journey across the world, defeating other Stand users along the way (yup, that old chestnut), amping up the Indiana Jones style adventure from Part 2 (with less Nazis of course). This was also Araki’s creative way of avoiding the standard manga/anime “tournament arc”, normally utilised as a deus ex machina to power up the central characters. Instead, the Stardust Crusaders hone their Stand skills battling across the world.

Being a man of few words, Jotaro gives off the air of being cold and calculated, which usually acts to distract his opponents 90% of the time. Jotaro appears to not give a flying fuck about anybody, but retains noble intentions and will always do the right thing if needed, perfectly combining the rebellious tendencies of Joseph and the nobility of Jonathan. Jotaro and his Stand, Star Platinum, are one of the perfect pairs of the series, utilising Star’s precision and Jotaro’s intelligence, along with their combined strength to defeat enemies. As the JoJo to finally take down DIO and his all-powerful Stand The World (Za Warudo!), Jotaro definitely feels the most complete of the JoJos, in defeating his family’s arch nemesis, avenging his great-grandfather and bringing peace to the Joestar dynasty (until Diamond is Unbreakable that is). As the most recurring and easily the most iconic JoJo of the series, Jotaro lands himself at the top of this guy’s uninformed list. Let’s hear it Star Platinum!

Jotaro Star Pucnh 2


Parting Thoughts

So that’s my list. Obviously, everyone’s got a different list of JoJos and that’s the great thing about it. Each part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is so vastly different that absolutely everybody’s list is going contrast. If your list differs, then stick it down in the comments and lets have a discussion! I am inviting you to nerd rage, make like Star Platinum and “ORA” all over it…I may have just made a big mistake.



64 thoughts on “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Ranking each JoJo from Worst to Best

      1. kill yourself you fucking inbred piece of fucking shit. Giorno Giovanna is the best jojo to ever fucking live. Fuck Jonathan, fuck Joseph, fuck jotaro, fuck josuke, fuck all of them Giorno best jojo. Gio Gio all wayyyyyy bitch.

  1. Interesting, haven’t really gotten into the series yet (Just starting Part 3) but I’m looking forward to more now! Especially GioGio’s (or is it just JoJo?) arc!

  2. Hey man, I agree with most of your list, and I recognize that I’m playing straight into your assertion when I say that Joseph, to me, is the best JoJo in the series.
    But that #1 ranking comes with an explanation:
    I believe Battle Tendency to be the best story arch in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so far. What it lacks in inventive stands, it more than makes up for with crazy innovative ways of using Hamon.
    What it lacks in length compared to Steel Ball Run, it makes up for in near perfect pacing, and a real sense of progression throughout.
    It has the characters, dialogue, reveals, fights, training, and one of the most bad ass final fights in all of JJBA, and it’s all carried by Joseph and his humor, heroism, and oddly brilliant intellect.
    Jotaro Kujo is stoic and powerful, but he is entirely reliant on his supporting cast to be the wacky characters to his straight-man routine. The only emotion he ever expresses besides contempt is disgust, making him a pretty cold-fish-JoJo to put on the top of a list of “Best JoJo”.
    Jotaro leaves the villain to fill up 80% of a fight because he has nothing to contribute to it, whereas Joseph takes up 50%, and stands up to a villain – so far as to even steal his lines in advance.
    Old Joseph still had the balls to fake being a reincarnated DIO after coming back from the brink of death, and super old Joseph cut his wrist to save a drowning baby.

    I cannot agree with you that Jotaro Kujo is better than Joseph. I hope I explained well enough why.

  3. For me it goes Battle tendancy because Joseph Joestar is just a great hero figure, tactician good natured guy and the most powerful IMO of all the JoJos. Not only does he have incredible Hamon/ripple powers but is also a great melee fighter in his own right, Develops a Stand to boot and oh yeah…. also took on a God and won with sheer cleverness and determination.

    Second is the original Johnathan Joestar because it’s the origin story sets up the entire series and gives it a sense of history and progression. And Finally because he’s just a such a likeable guy and a prime example of noble heart and chivalry. Something sorely lacking in today’s society.

    Third is stardust crusaders. I started to get into it mainly because I wanted to see Joseph Joestar back in action again But Jotaro just seemed like a cocky rebellious teen that thinks he knows everything. He calls his mom a bitch and he dresses like either a K-pop star or Michael Jackson back in the 80s. I ended up skipping to the very end battle with Dio after like episode 3 or 4. No real character development, he’s still a cocky teen with anger issues and he wins not because he is smarter, or clever or a better tactician or more powerful.. but because he “got pissed” …. Riiiiight.

    I watched one episode of diamond is unbreakable to see if he’s matured. He did a little bit which was interesting but I was turned off by the fact that Joseph Joestar cheated on his wife and the result is this dude who flips his shit every time someone bashes his hair… Soo we graduated from angry jock with minimal character development to an angry teen emo dressed like Micheal Jackson.

    No thank you. Tuned out.

    I’m mildly curious to see Jotaro and his daughter and see if he actually matured by arc 6 into a real dad and see how the story handles a female lead but I can’t really find it anywhere so I’ll have to check the manga at some point.

    1. Shit dude you’re missing out, Part 4 has spawned some of the best characters and memes for the whole JoJo franchise. Rohan is just too lovable.

      1. Although why did he say that josuke’s hairstyle is based off of Elvis its quite obviously the whole character design based off of prince?

    2. Dunno why I’m even replying this late, but thats kind of the point of Jotaro. He’s the more modern, disconnected youth. He’s a punk, and he keeps his feelings to himself. I don’t agree Jotaro is the best JoJo necessarily, but in terms of the style of the show, he is well designed imo. I mean the whole point is the protagonist is a different archetype in each run

    3. You can’t expect people to take your opinion seriously when you skipped through an entire season of Jojo just because there was no character development by the 3rd episode, or because of how he dressed. Also, Stardust Crusaders actually is in the 80s, 1989. I agree that Jotaro is overrated, but still, to skip an entire part of Jojo? You barely even get any of the characters right in your description, angry EMO teen? Josuke only gets mad when you insult his hair, any other time he’s neither angry or even emo, where is that even coming from?

      I also don’t understand why you’d skip most of part 3 for lack of character development, but then be fine with Johnathan. He stayed the same throughout the entire series. He was the first and what started the series, but that doesn’t put him above the rest in terms of quality of character.

      This is a late one year reply later, but seriously, it had to be said. Seriously, your basing your opinions on your first impressions, most of which aren’t even right.

  4. Great list! I totally agree on everything, Tristan! In my opinion Joseph is top 2 but that´s just me, i totally agree with your list, Jotaro will always be number 1 for me too, i don´t care about those people who think he lacks of personality, that´s how he is, not much words but when he speaks, it´s worth it, unlike characters who can´t stop talking and tell useless stuff. On the other hand Joseph is an obvious choice, such as top 3 like the one from you list, or top 2 for me, he´s a very memorable character, i will never forget his bonds with Caesar Zepelli, that part 2 is impossible to forget. I even agree in the top 7, almost no one cares about Josuke from Jojolion, even his designe is terrible, in my opinion that´s the biggest issue with him. Anyway, keep up the goodwork.
    Also if you ever want to say hello to me or anything, i´m usually here :

    1. Unlike in the west, Part 5 is the most beloved Jojo part, mostly because of Giorno. Personally, Giorno is number 2 for me and Johnny is number 1.

    2. I’m not that big a fan of his character either, but his stand is by far the most interesting of all the Jojos. That alone would put him in my top 3 since I don’t watch Jojo because I think the characters and fights are badass, I watch it because the characters and fights are interesting. Gold Requiem is cool and something you wouldn’t expect on the main character

  5. I’m really not enjoying diamonds right now, and I’m glad to see this list supported that. Looks like I have a lot of fun to look forward to. Good stuff!

      1. This list can very well be your opinion, but you don’t know how to counter argument facts; the only thing you say is “well, that’s like…your opinion man”.

      2. that’s because I don’t feel the need to justify my list. It’s one guy’s opinion 🙂

        I’m interested to know yours though! feel free to send it through. Lets have a chat!

  6. Respect your list. Here’s mine:

    1. Joseph Joestar
    2. Johnny Joestar
    3. Jolyne Kujo
    4. Josuke Higashikata (part IV)
    5. Josuke Higashikata (part VIII)
    6. Jotaro Kujo
    7. Giorno Giovanna
    8. Jonathan Joestar

    1. That’s a pretty cool list dude. Very different to mine, but still a good list!

      Joseph is iconic and Johnny’s pretty cool. I just ended up preferring Gyro and that lowered Johnny for me

  7. Giorno and Jotaro have little to no personality in their respective runs (although Jotaro even getting development through the 3 arcs he’s a prominent character and gets better), but you put them in the first positions; yet Jonathan, Johnny-SBR, Josuke, and Joseph who are much better JoJos than them, get put in lower places. You obviously don’t know anything about character development, character three-dimentionality, or storytelling overall.

    This is seriously a garbage list you put here, but since you’re uncapable of arguing correctly in the comments section (the only answers I see you only respond to people with are “because it’s my list and that’s how I think”, or “well man, that’s like your opinion”, like a child would respond to questions even if IT IS YOUR opinion), I’m only gonna say that you should never try to write a story, because since your (shit taste) in characters says a lot about your (possible) character writing.

    And as Joseph Joestar, one of my favorite JoJos, says, “the next thing you’re gonna say is: “well, that’s like…your opinion man”.”

    “well, that’s like…your opinion man”. Damn, man… you can’t even be snarky with an original comment.

    1. By the way…

      1) Joseph Joestar
      2) Jonathan Joestar/Johnny Joestar
      3) Jolyne Cujoh
      4) Josuke Higashikata-DIU
      5) Jotaro Kujo (specially after some development)/Josuke Higashikata-JJL
      6) Giorno Giovanna

      1. I agree with 99% of your list and comment, but Jotaro is about 5 for me. In the story he ACTS like he doesn’t care, he’s an immature child who puts up a bad ass front (which he still is). Like how when he fought that fish stand on the boat in SDC, I forget the exact name. Jotaro said “I’m thinking that if you peed yourself it’d be really awkward cause we are in water” He is just a high schooler trying to act tough. If he is different in Part 6, I’m not sure about that because I am only in part 5.

      1. Well, I’m not even trolling nor insulting you with coarse words, so yeah… I’m mature.

        …and you changed your response. Good.

    2. You call yourself mature yet your saying his opinion is garbage and that he should never write a story. GTFO bro, your opinion is just as good as his, quit thinking your better because you know good writing of a character. If he likes a certain character and you don’t, why do you feel the need to say he has shit taste and that he should never write a story ? Jeez, quit thinking that your superior because you know good writing because at the end of the day it’s highly subjective on what JoJo is the best

      1. I may come off a bit mean, but I don’t like it when people insult another’s taste just because they don’t agree with it. So I wish you a good day sir.

    3. It’s true though. my list is far closer to yours than his, but even so I’m not going to bash him. The people I see bashing him are doing so in insanely rude ways like saying he should stop affiliating himself with Jojo, just because he has an opinion. This is an incredibly subjective topic, yet people don’t realize what subjectivity even means.

      I mean, every single comment he replied to in that way were basically just saying his list was shit. Every other reply talking about how they disagreed but did so in a respectable way he replied to in a fine manner.

      That smell of garbage isn’t his list, it’s your attitude

  8. Haters gonna hate, I thought your list was rad. Haven’t seen enough Jojo to agree (just about done Part 2), but I’m excited to eventually see Jolyne. I have a feeling she’ll be my favorite.

  9. I respect your opinion, here’s my list
    1.)Jolyne Cujoh
    2.)Giorno Giovanna
    3.)Jotaro Cujoh
    4.)Josuke (part 8)
    5.)Josuke (part 4)
    6.)Johnathan Joestar
    7.)Joseph Joestar
    8.)Johhny Joestar

  10. If Josuke (4) isn’t as high because he’s overshadowed by Kira, then how in gods name is Jotaro the BEST JoJo if he is constantly overshadowed by Polnareff and his many escapades. Not to mention DIO and his revolutionary Stand, being the first of many time based stands taking the spotlight away from Jotaro.

  11. Though i may not agree with your list entirely i apreciate seeing a rather different list from what i normally see. what some people here don’t get it’s that liking a fictional character it’s all about personal taste, as simple as like liking strawberry ice-cream over chocolate or vanilla, it all depends on your personality and what you consider badass, standard or heroic or bland. A character doesn’t have to go thru character development to be worth writing. A favorite character doesn’t have to be held to any writing standard to be good or worth writing and people need to start understanding that. It’s all about how the viewer conncects to the character, whatever way that may be. I personally like GioGio the best out of all of the jojo protagonist and i’m fully aware how he isn’t the best written protagonist. He’s hard to relate, he’s hard to understand, he’s even hard to root for sometimes yet i appreciate his rather different and strange personality. He’s just a little badass mafioso that’s morally grey yet his ultimate goal is to accomplish something morally right. And that’s all the reason i need to like him. Now if you guys wanna rank characters according to how well they’re written as protagonists by correct literature standards then that’s an entirely separate list. People like different things because hey everybody is different and that’s as complicated as this gets.

  12. my current list is:
    1. johnny
    2. josuke 4
    3. joseph
    4. jolyne
    5. jotaro
    6. josuke 8
    7. giorno
    8. jonathan

  13. My favorite is Jotaro, but in my opinion the best jojo is Joseph Joestar
    My list :
    1. Joseph Joestar
    2. Jotaro Kujo
    3. Johnny Joestar
    4. Giorno Giovana
    5. Jolyne Kujo
    6. Jonathan Joestar
    7. Josuke

  14. actually I haven’t read part 6, 7, 8 and still reading last volume part 5
    I love jotaro (if I will marry him if I can LOL) but after I read part 5 I think giorno will become the first in my list (but I still want jotaro as my husband, I’m Creepy ???…. sorry)
    I like josuke stand, I like joseph (after jotaro and giorno), jonathan is not my type he is boring but he can be my oniichan, I respect his last resort (because of that part 3 is exist and giorno born)
    I enjoy read all part actually (until part 5 at least), for me first part is boring but it is the base story that make the other part interesting

    sorry If there is grammatical error

  15. Great to read your opinion man! Get me to read the part 5 and 6 soon. But So far i’ve read the most creative abillities stand users is “Diamond is ubreakable”. Josuke’s stand is too awesome.

  16. Nah, man. Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency is the apex of the series. Jotaro just gets more attention because of the video games.

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