10 Best Current WWE Entrance Themes

Professional Wrestling has always been about showmanship and utilising said showmanship to get over with an audience. Sure, a lot of this is down to a fiery in-ring ability to deliver tremendous feats of performance art, but a crucial part of the pageantry that accompanies pro-wrestling is the performer’s entrance, in terms of both theme music and physical […]

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Game of Nines

Every Game of Thrones fan knows by now that the season “finale” isn’t really that. It’s more of a formality than anything. The true fans know that each season’s 9th episode is where the shitteth is bound to hitteth the fan…eth. These episodes tend to be the strongest of the series, the lone exception being Season […]

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Civil War

Once again, the UK has been graced with the earlier release of a Marvel film, and this one may be one the comic book giant’s greatest efforts so far. Taking on one of the biggest and most iconic storylines from the comics was going to need to satisfy the shrieking geeks that are Marvel fanboys (yours truly […]

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